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IV Sedation Is The Answer!

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"Teeth In A Day"

Think of this … loose dentures one day, the next day teeth secured to implants that don’t move, don’t come out and look natural. Maybe you have three or four teeth that barely hold in your partial denture – the next day a full fixed bridge is anchored to implants. You can eat, you can laugh and all it took was a few hours while we put them in for you.

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Our Other Services

Root Canal Therapy

Techniques developed in our office over thirty years, make painful root canals a thing of the past. 99.9% of the time one visit is all it takes.

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Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Sometimes life’s experiences erode the look and function of our teeth. Porcelain restorations change your life. They improve the teeth in appearance and function which is a cornerstone to great oral health.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Would it surprise you to know that the majority of adults today have missing teeth and contagious gum disease? Research now shows that gum disease is directly related to Diabetes and Heart and Stroke Disease.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Our technique reduces waiting times and speeds healing. We fit this into your busy schedule, even if it’s today.

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Invisalign & Traditional Braces

We use time tested techniques combined with the latest in orthodontic materials and technologies giving you proper function and a beautiful smile.

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Convenient Hours & Scheduling

We’re open Monday through Friday and we will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule.

“The mouth is a mirror of the body, it is a sentinel of disease and it is critical to overall health and well-being.”

David Satcher, MD, PhD. Surgeon General , 2002