Girl with braces

Straight Teeth, Yellow Teeth, and the Benefits of Smiling

Never underestimate the value of a smile. If you’re going to make cosmetic changes to your teeth, make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Thinking of changing your smile? Want whiter or straighter teeth? If you change your smile, you might be more confident about your teeth and even smile more. But how can that affect your life?

Did you know that, if you smile when you’re sad, you can actually make yourself happier? The opposite can be said for when you frown or make angry faces. Our facial muscles send information to our brains and influence physiological changes. In turn, these changes affect our emotions and can actually elicit emotional responses. The physiological changes associated with smiling can also help you relax.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed at work or at a family function, or when you’re worried about a critical task that’s due soon, just smile. In all fairness, it’s easier said than done. It’s also exactly the opposite of what you presumably want to do (which is probably to throw something across the floor with an angry face). Nonetheless, science says it will actually help.

Smiling can also make others happy; it’s contagious, just like a yawn. Seeing someone smiling often causes an onlooker to mimic their smile. As a result, the mimicked smile turns into an authentic smile and causes positive physiological changes, which is why smiling is important. A bright smile can make us feel more outgoing, happy, and help us seem more personable to others. Consequently, a frown or semi-smile can negatively affect our emotions and, in turn, perhaps even our behaviors.

So what if you have yellow teeth or crooked teeth? Will you smile, or will you feel too self-conscious to show your teeth off?

Deciding to whiten or straighten your teeth is a personal decision. The most important factor that you should consider is how it will affect your life and your mood. Whitening or straightening your teeth isn’t going to change the world; however, it could change the way you see or experience it. As stated above, it could even change the way others experience the world while around you. That is, if it makes you smile more.

Whether you decide to whiten your teeth, straighten your teeth, or stick with the teeth you have, just remember, the most important thing to do is smile!

A helpful hint: next time your children or significant other make you sad or mad, just smile, maybe even laugh (preferably not while they are in the same room), and you could start to see the situation in a lighter, brighter, way.

Happy smiling.