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Invisalign Aligners in Victoria for Straighter Teeth

Misaligned teeth are usually accompanied by low self-esteem and insecurity. In modern dentistry, one of the ways to fix this problem is Invisalign, a safe and effective treatment process. At Dr. C Ross Crapo Inc, we work with highly experienced orthodontists that create Invisalign aligners in Victoria to create your beautiful smile.

Straighter Teeth Regardless of Your Age

Ever wished you had straighter teeth or a more confident smile? Modern advances in orthodontics have made straighter smiles an attainable goal. You might be surprised at how simple straightening your teeth can be.

Although most people believe that only teenagers should visit the orthodontist, modern breakthroughs in tooth-straightening methods have made adults the fastest growing demographic in orthodontics. Are straighter teeth in your future?

Invisalign® Invisible Aligners

Invisalign® is a novel approach to tooth straightening that doesn’t require brackets, wires, or ligatures. You dentist will carry out a computer scan of your smile to make clear, removable plastic trays known as aligners, which you’ll wear directly over your teeth. You’ll receive a different set of aligners every two weeks to gently and gradually shift any crooked teeth into their optimal position.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Invisalign® aligners are transparent, so they’re nearly invisible, unlike braces. Most people will not even notice that you’re wearing aligners.

  • Each tray is designed for comfort, so you can easily adjust to wearing an aligner daily.

  • You can remove your aligners before meals to maintain proper dental hygiene.

  • You can eat whatever you want to eat because aligners aren’t permanent like braces.

  • You can enjoy an active lifestyle without having to worry about getting injured by metal wires or brackets.

Braces for Straighter Teeth

Need to realign your bite? Modern orthodontics use braces to move your teeth into place, giving you a straighter smile in a few months or years. We would be happy to help you determine whether or not braces could work for you. We work closely with our Victoria Orthodontists to create beautiful and functional smiles! Contact Us today for braces or Invisalign aligners in Victoria.

You can also count on us for a custom treatment plan, along with dental cleanings, tooth whitening and dental implants.


Anxiety dentistry

Lynn was referred to Dr. Crapo by friends who told her she could experience truly comfortable dentistry. Like so many other patients, she never enjoyed her trips to the dentist. Now, she arrives at our office feeling relaxed thanks to IV sedation.

“It was very simple. Obviously, very painless. I liked the fact that it was quick… you come out a little groggy, but what I like is there’s no sensation of being frozen. It’s just a great way to go through dental treatments… I’ve been to several dentists over the years, and I think Dr. Crapo is the best.”

- Lynn

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