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Patients of Our Victoria Dental Practice Share Their Experiences With Us

Not sure what to expect from your visit to our dental office? A few of our patients have graciously agreed to share their story with you.

Share Your Experience With Us!

At Dr. Crapo & Associates, we love finding out what our patients enjoy most about our dental practice and what we can improve upon. Would you like to share feedback with us about your own experience?

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Easy appointment scheduling

When Janet first visited our office, she was not yet a patient of ours. Instead, she came in with her husband Gary as he was having a consultation done. She asked us about some of the problems she was experiencing in her jaw, and we booked her for her own consultation shortly after.

“The staff is so great! They’re so friendly. We live in Port Alberni, and it was worth it to us to drive down to Victoria to visit Dr. Crapo because the staff are so professional. The end result… I’m thrilled! I work full time, and they were very good about scheduling it. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth. My bite is just perfect!”

- Jeannette

Anxiety dentistry

Lynn was referred to Dr. Crapo by friends who told her she could experience truly comfortable dentistry. Like so many other patients, she never enjoyed her trips to the dentist. Now, she arrives at our office feeling relaxed thanks to IV sedation.

“It was very simple. Obviously, very painless. I liked the fact that it was quick… you come out a little groggy, but what I like is there’s no sensation of being frozen. It’s just a great way to go through dental treatments… I’ve been to several dentists over the years, and I think Dr. Crapo is the best.”

- Lynn

Proper dentures after 43 years

Changes to your mouth will change the way your denture fits, especially when a denture has been worn for many years, but you don’t have to live with loose-fitting dentures. Gary had been living with an ill-fitted denture since he was 18. By the time he turned 61, enough was enough. His wife put him in contact with our dental office, and we recommended that he consider using mini implants to stabilize his dentures. Gary finished his treatment on the day his testimonial was taken.

“The whole procedure was totally painless. There was no pain! I just had the work completed and it feels wonderful. I can’t describe the feeling of… what it feels like to speak without worrying about my denture slipping down. Everyone of the staff members are just very outgoing. They basically really care about you. They care about your comfort… The quality of my life has definitely improved!”

- Gary

Realigned jaw

When Dave first came to visit us about the discomfort in his jaw, he was suffering from something more common than most people realize. The pain stemmed from an alignment problem and was restricting him from even opening his mouth wide enough to eat properly. Without resorting to invasive surgery techniques, Dave underwent a rehabilitation program that gradually moved his jaw back to proper alignment.

“I was having some jaw problems and headache problems. I went to see [Dr. Crapo] and he confirmed with X-rays that… my jaw was out of alignment. It was about a 2-year process… but I got the latest model of splints [for my jaw], and I found him very creative. You feel welcome at the front end… and everyone’s just been excellent I’ve found.”

- Dave

Rediscovering the joys of eating

After learning about Dr. Crapo from another satisfied patient, Francis came in to see us, hoping to solve the pain he was experiencing in his bite. At first look, gum disease had taken hold, and his teeth were beyond help. Dr. Crapo recommended implants and implant-supported dentures.

“I couldn’t eat. Not even an apple! So something had to be done. After talking to Lou, I decided to come to Dr. Crapo. Dr. Crapo’s team… they have a plan. They do all things according to plan, no surprises. I really enjoy eating now. The whole experience of dental implants from Dr. Crapo really improved the quality of my life.”

- Francis

No more grinding

After years of clenching her teeth in her sleep, Doreen’s teeth began to show signs of wear. When she first came to see Dr. Crapo, he determined that her bite would need extensive rehabilitation.

“I’ve had serious grinding issues since I was young… [I’ve even had] root canals because of the extreme pressure that I’ve put on my teeth, and then cracked roots. After going through a number of procedures… I’m quite confident now, that I won’t have any more breakage.”

- Doreen

A beautiful smile

Kathleen’s story is rather unique. She suffered a stroke in February 2011 and had to concentrate on pressing health concerns, which limited her ability to look after her oral health. When she first came to us, her fears of having all of her teeth pulled were quickly put to rest: we set up a plan that focused on properly caring for and supporting her existing teeth. She made her teeth a priority, and it payed off in the shape of a beautiful smile. All it took was the courage to make her first appointmentwhich she did on her own.

“I came to Dr. Crapo to see if I could save my teeth, and get my smile back basically. My job requires me to be in front of people, and speaking. So obviously… I was worried about my presentation… [The team has been] very helpful. They take care of you, right from the hygienists to the billing service: dealing with your benefits carrier. I wanted to get my smile back… I think I got my smile back!”

- Kathleen

A returning patient

Some of our patients have been part of our extended family for years and entirely trust our abilities. We’re very proud to have had such a positive impact in so many of our patients’ lives.

“Dr. Crapo has been my dentist for the last 7 years, and I fully intend to keep using his services. In those 7 years I have been faced with some real “dental challenges”, and each and every time Dr. Crapo has been able to explain the situation to me in clear and plain English. He has then explained to me what options are available to me before agreeing on a treatment plan. Dr. Crapo explains all the factors, including financial factors, and he makes me feel part of the process. He is also able to perform some types of more complex dental surgery that other dentists are not able to perform. This avoids me having to see a consultant or take a trip to the Mainland. I have complete confidence in his treatment, and the care that he provides.”

- Phil

Helping our patients regain their dental health and self-confidence is quite rewarding for us, but we can help you with more than just teeth. If you’re experiencing pain or tension in your jaw, or if you suffer from persistent headaches or earaches, we would be more than happy to alleviate your discomfort. We can also help you worry less about visiting the dentist. Improve your quality of life today: call Dr. Crapo & Associates to schedule a consultation.

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