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Preventive Dentistry With Well-Loved Victoria Dentists

Just like you should have a family doctor to monitor your overall physical and mental health during your yearly checkups, you should also have a family dentist to keep track of your oral health during regular dental cleanings and exams. Our patients come back year after year because the dentists Dr. Crapo & Associates are highly experienced at preventing, screening for, and treating oral problems and diseases in both children and adults.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is a great way to keep your teeth clean, but it’s not enough to prevent tartar buildup. We recommend that you book a semi-annual dental cleaning and dental exam so that our team of hygienists and dentists can clean and examine your teeth with an expert eye.

We recommend taking x-rays of your mouth every few years to make sure that your bones and the roots of your teeth are healthy. We also take special care of our youngest patients and make sure that their baby teeth and new adult teeth, including their wisdom teeth, are growing properly.

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Easy appointment scheduling

When Janet first visited our office, she was not yet a patient of ours. Instead, she came in with her husband Gary as he was having a consultation done. She asked us about some of the problems she was experiencing in her jaw, and we booked her for her own consultation shortly after.

“The staff is so great! They’re so friendly. We live in Port Alberni, and it was worth it to us to drive down to Victoria to visit Dr. Crapo because the staff are so professional. The end result… I’m thrilled! I work full time, and they were very good about scheduling it. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth. My bite is just perfect!”

- Jeannette

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Dental Consultations

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