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Reap the Benefits of 3D Scans and Dental Radiographs at Our Victoria Office

Dental X-rays

Whether you’re a new or returning patient, Dr. Crapo & Associates will recommend having dental radiographs, or x-rays, taken of your teeth to identify dental issues such as tooth decay, root and inner-tooth problems, bone loss, and abscesses. Today’s x-ray technologies are fast and safe. In addition, we minimize your exposure by making you wear a leaded apron and use the latest x-ray technology.

3D Imaging Scans (CBCT)

For many years, x-rays have been used to see the inside of the human body without invasive surgery. However, they’re of limited use to dentists for certain procedures because they’re two-dimensional. Dr. Crapo & Associates use a CBCT (cone beam computed technology) to carry out 3D imaging, which lets us view your mouth in cross sections.

Three-dimensional imaging technology isn’t widely available, but it’s crucial in our Victoria dental office because it allows us to diagnose health problems which wouldn’t be visible with traditional 2D x-rays. Our 3D-imaging unit has made it possible for Dr. Crapo to place a great deal of dental implants. It also allows us to plan surgical procedures by locating nerves, impacted teeth, and specific areas of the jawbone.

Contact Dr. Crapo & Associates to schedule a dental appointment and have x-rays or 3D scans taken of your mouth.


Realigned jaw

When Dave first came to visit us about the discomfort in his jaw, he was suffering from something more common than most people realize. The pain stemmed from an alignment problem and was restricting him from even opening his mouth wide enough to eat properly. Without resorting to invasive surgery techniques, Dave underwent a rehabilitation program that gradually moved his jaw back to proper alignment.

“I was having some jaw problems and headache problems. I went to see [Dr. Crapo] and he confirmed with X-rays that… my jaw was out of alignment. It was about a 2-year process… but I got the latest model of splints [for my jaw], and I found him very creative. You feel welcome at the front end… and everyone’s just been excellent I’ve found.”

- Dave

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