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We Can Extract Your Wisdom Teeth at Our Victoria Dentist’s Office

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in an adult mouth, but sometimes there isn’t enough space for them. In such cases, Dr. Crapo & Associates can extract your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom-Tooth Removal Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Dr. Crapo offers IV sedation for wisdom tooth extractions to maximize comfort, limit the stress and fatigue experienced by your jaw muscles, and make your recovery easier.

Feel free to contact our Victoria dentist’s office for more information.

Wisdom tooth in x-ray

Proper dentures after 43 years

Changes to your mouth will change the way your denture fits, especially when a denture has been worn for many years, but you don’t have to live with loose-fitting dentures. Gary had been living with an ill-fitted denture since he was 18. By the time he turned 61, enough was enough. His wife put him in contact with our dental office, and we recommended that he consider using mini implants to stabilize his dentures. Gary finished his treatment on the day his testimonial was taken.

“The whole procedure was totally painless. There was no pain! I just had the work completed and it feels wonderful. I can’t describe the feeling of… what it feels like to speak without worrying about my denture slipping down. Everyone of the staff members are just very outgoing. They basically really care about you. They care about your comfort… The quality of my life has definitely improved!”

- Gary

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