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Get Implants for Your Bridge at Our Victoria Dental Office

When you’re missing a single tooth, Dr. Crapo & Associates will usually suggest one of the following two options: a single crown supported by a dental implant or a traditional dental bridge.

What’s a Dental Bridge?

Picture the Capilano Suspension Bridge: it floats above the Capilano River and is firmly connected to the ground on each end. Similarly, when you’re missing a tooth, your dentist will create a floating tooth and attach it to the teeth on either side of the gap. That’s why the restoration is called a bridge.

Traditional Bridges

A traditional, three-unit bridge is a restoration made up of a pontic—a false porcelain tooth—which is connected by two abutments—tooth caps which are cemented onto the adjacent teeth. The pontic itself doesn’t have a root, which is why it has to be held up by its neighbouring teeth. Although bridges supported by natural teeth are a common way to replace a single missing tooth, implants are a wonderful alternative.

Implant-Supported Bridges

If you’re missing several teeth, we might recommend an implant-supported bridge. To create the base of the bridge, we’ll insert small titanium screws called implants into your jaw bone. These implants will serve as the abutments or anchors for a bridge. This procedure allows us to replace several missing teeth at once without having to create individual implants for each missing tooth.

Whether or not traditional or implant-supported bridges are appropriate for you depends on many factors, including how healthy your bone, gums, and teeth are. Book a consultation with us today to find out more about implants and bridges.


Anxiety dentistry

Lynn was referred to Dr. Crapo by friends who told her she could experience truly comfortable dentistry. Like so many other patients, she never enjoyed her trips to the dentist. Now, she arrives at our office feeling relaxed thanks to IV sedation.

“It was very simple. Obviously, very painless. I liked the fact that it was quick… you come out a little groggy, but what I like is there’s no sensation of being frozen. It’s just a great way to go through dental treatments… I’ve been to several dentists over the years, and I think Dr. Crapo is the best.”

- Lynn

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