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Maintain Oral Hygiene with Updates from Our Newsletter

Are you looking for tips and tricks to maintain oral health? Read the dental health newsletter from Dr. Crapo & Associates. Based in Victoria, Dr. Crapo can offer professional insight into your dental problems and provide solutions that suit your budget. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Halloween Newsletter

Halloween Event

Don't miss out on this special event! Join us on Saturday, October 26 from 9am-1pm for trick or treating, face painting, games and crafts. Learn about tools and gadgets at the dental office and meet Dr Sulz and the team.

June 2019 Newsletter

June Newsletter

From tips, tricks and trends to fun & inspiring quotes, every day life hacks and eating your way to whiter teeth, read our June newsletter today.

March 2019 Newsletter

March Newsletter

From nutritional and parental tips and tricks to dental myths and reading commendations, our newsletter is full of useful information. Read our March newsletter today.

October Newsletter

October Newsletter

From ways to keep your children cavity-free over halloween to Thanksgiving and oral health, read our October newsletter for this and much more.

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

For information on foods that damage your teeth, reasons to thank your mother, benefits of drinking lemon water and the recipe for the Greek salad, read our May newsletter today.

February 2019 Newsletter

February Newsletter

Learn about the best Alexa skills, read fun facts and try the free health apps that can help you keep fit. Don’t let your health and fitness take a backseat. Read our February newsletter today.

July Newsletter

July Newsletter

5 ways to make brushing fun for kids, Philly Cheesesteak foil packs, and summer safety tips for parents. Read our July newsletter today.

April Newsletter

April Newsletter

From fun facts about your pets to tips for choosing the right toothpaste and preparing a tasty coconut shrimp dish, read our April newsletter today.

Crapo December Newsletter 2018

December Newsletter

Whether you need advice to keep your holiday smile bright or you are looking for a parent’s guide to getting started with your child’s oral health, we can help. Read our December newsletter today.

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