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Periodontal Disease Treatments

Gums play a crucial role in supporting and securing your teeth. Unfortunately, gum-related dental problems are quite common among Canadians. At Dr. Crapo & Associates, our dentists can help you prevent and treat diseases like gingivitis and gum disease. Contact us today in Victoria for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Plaque, tartar and gingivitis

Plaque develops on your teeth after every meal. If you don’t floss or brush your teeth regularly, it solidifies and becomes calculus, or tartar, which can only be removed by a dental hygienist. Tartar buildup around the gum line encourages bacterial growth and can lead to gum infections, also known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can cause bleeding or swollen gums, but it sometimes doesn’t have such obvious symptoms.


At Dr. Crapo & Associates, we use a special probe to examine your gums and diagnose periodontal disease during regular dental exams. We can also use dental radiographs to determine the state of your bones and the areas where your teeth connect to your gums.

Diagnosing gum disease

If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to gum disease, also called periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause the gums to start breaking down and separate from the teeth to the point at which the teeth attach to the jawbone can also weaken. Over time, periodontal disease can lead to gum recession, bone loss, and ultimately, tooth loss.


You can effectively prevent gingivitis and gum disease by regularly visiting your dentist and maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine, which includes regular brushing and flossing. So, take care of your gums, and they’ll take care of your teeth.


What’s periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is a dental procedure that works to restore the look and function of teeth, gums and damaged bone due to severe gum disease. The primary goal of periodontal surgery is to stop the progression of the disease and prevent further damage to the gums and bone. 


When periodontal surgery is needed

While nonsurgical treatments can be effective in managing the early stages of periodontal disease, more advanced cases may require surgical intervention to restore and maintain the health of the periodontal tissues.


Patients who may need periodontal surgery include those:


  • With severe gum inflammation

  • With red, swollen, bleeding or infected gums

  • With loose teeth

  • With advanced gum recession

  • Who have pain when chewing

  • With deep periodontal pockets

  • With significant bone loss or damage around the teeth

  • Who have esthetic concerns related to the appearance of their gums or teeth


What to expect from periodontal surgery

During periodontal surgery, the periodontist will remove the plaque and tartar buildup from the gum line and roots of your teeth. They may also reshape the gums and bones to eliminate any pockets where bacteria can hide and cause further infection. In some cases, bone grafts or other tissue regeneration techniques may be used to replace damaged or lost bone and tissue. Periodontal surgery is often performed under local anesthesia. At Dr. Crapo & Associates, we also offer IV sedation.


After the surgery, you may experience some pain, swelling and bleeding, but these symptoms usually subside within a few days. It’s important to follow your dentist’s post-operative instructions, which may include using pain medication, avoiding certain foods and practicing good oral hygiene.


Contact Dr. Crapo & Associates for periodontal disease treatments in Victoria

Don’t take your gums for granted! They play a crucial role in your dental health, and it's essential to take care of them. If you have severe gum or dental issues, the team at Dr. Crapo & Associates can help. Our highly experienced and skilled periodontist can assess your gums and determine the best course of action. Make an appointment at our Victoria dental office today. At our modern and clean dental clinic, we work to foster a stress-free and safe environment.


Realigned jaw

When Dave first came to visit us about the discomfort in his jaw, he was suffering from something more common than most people realize. The pain stemmed from an alignment problem and was restricting him from even opening his mouth wide enough to eat properly. Without resorting to invasive surgery techniques, Dave underwent a rehabilitation program that gradually moved his jaw back to proper alignment.

“I was having some jaw problems and headache problems. I went to see [Dr. Crapo] and he confirmed with X-rays that… my jaw was out of alignment. It was about a 2-year process… but I got the latest model of splints [for my jaw], and I found him very creative. You feel welcome at the front end… and everyone’s just been excellent I’ve found.”

- Dave

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