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Get a Single Implant With a Crown at Our Victoria Dentist’s Office

Dental implants are artificial teeth that recreate the look and function of natural teeth. They’re made up of a titanium root that’s inserted into your jaw and topped with a porcelain crown, or cap, which acts as the tooth itself.

Not Damaging to Other Teeth

Their main advantage is that, unlike bridges, single implants don’t require the teeth next to the missing tooth to be trimmed down to hold the replacement tooth. They can be fitted into a space and act just like a new tooth, so you can chew food and smile for the camera just as naturally as ever.

Great for Preventing Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, there’s no root left to exercise your jaw muscles and keep your jawbone strong, so the bone will begin to weaken. Titanium implants have the added health benefit of strengthening the surrounding teeth and limiting bone loss in areas where a tooth was lost.

For more information on getting a single implant at our Victoria dental clinic, contact us today.


No more grinding

After years of clenching her teeth in her sleep, Dorreen’s teeth began to show signs of wear. When she first came to see Dr. Crapo, he determined that her bite would need extensive rehabilitation.

“I’ve had serious grinding issues since I was young… [I’ve even had] root canals because of the extreme pressure that I’ve put on my teeth, and then cracked roots. After going through a number of procedures… I’m quite confident now, that I won’t have any more breakage.”

- Doreen

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