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Free Dental Care During Our Yearly Dentistry From the Heart Charity Event

Dental health is crucial to our overall health and well-being. Despite this fact, basic health insurance programs don’t cover dental fees. A visit to the dentist is simply too expensive for many Canadians. That’s where we come in. Dentistry From the Heart is a yearly, day-long event during which Dr. Crapo & Associates provide pro-bono dentistry for people in need. That’s right: free dentistry!

“Some people just aren’t getting the dental care they need because they simply cannot afford it. With the present economy, dentistry has become a luxury in some households. Victoria has been great to me and my dental team—and it is time for us to give back and lend a hand to those most needing it.”

- Dr. Crapo

Dr. C. Ross Crapo, D.D.S. pioneered the Dentistry From the Heart program in B.C. and has been an active member since 2010. It began once upon a time as a very small idea, but now the event is one of our practice’s busiest days of the year. Everyone pitches in, and although the day is tiring, few days are as fulfilling or as full of smiles. Since we began hosting the event in 2010, we’ve donated over $144,000 worth of treatments, including:


  • $24,500 in 2016

  • $28,000 in 2015

  • $25,000 in 2014

  • $25,000 in 2013

  • $26,000 in 2012

  • $21,000 in 2011

  • $19,000 in 2010

At Saturday’s Dentistry From the Heart event, we had 71 people providing over $24,500.00 worth of dental services free of charge. The team at Dr. Crapo & Associates is grateful for the wonderful community we are a part of, and we are proud to give back where it counts. The dental needs of our community are far greater than we can provide during this event, however, we hope to have made a difference to the many individuals who attended.

"Dentistry From The Heart" event

What You Can Do

Helping others stay healthy is something everyone can do. Did you know that foodbanks accept toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss? When you’re having trouble putting food on the table, oral hygiene items are some of the first to drop to the bottom of the shopping list.

Please feel free to spread the word about our yearly event to your friends and loved ones. It only happens once a year, and registration occurs on a first come, first served basis, so knowing when it happens can make a big difference.

Past Events

Many have asked us why we do this year after year. Watch these videos to better understand why this event is so near and dear to our heart:

You can also read the following news articles about our event:


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