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Read Our Victoria Dental Office’s Advice on All Things Dentistry

Education and dentistry go hand-in-hand. Dentists are required to engage in ongoing education for the length of their careers and are encouraged to pass on their experience to the next generation of dentists. At Dr. Crapo & Associates, we believe in passing knowledge down to our patients, too. Here are a few of the things we’d like to share with you:

How to Properly Care for Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing aren’t the only things you and your family can do.

Read Our Tips

What to Do in Case You Lose a Tooth

Don’t panic if you lose a tooth: we can save it if you follow these steps.

Read the Steps

What to Do After a Dental Procedure

Follow these instructions and you’ll be chewing normally in no time.

Read the Info

Payment and Financing Options

Can’t pay the full amount of your treatment all at once?

Read Your Options

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