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Get Complete or Partial Dentures at Our Victoria Dental Office

Natural-Looking Teeth

Missing teeth can make eating, speaking, and smiling difficult. Fortunately, Dr. Crapo & Associates can make dentures for you, removable dental appliances that that will look and function like natural gums and teeth.

A Custom Solution for Your Unique Needs

Because no one’s mouth is the same, Dr. Crapo & Associates can make custom dentures to meet your individual needs. We’ll make sure your dentures fit your mouth comfortably and that you can function normally. If you still have some of your teeth, we can make partial dentures to replace the ones that are missing. However, if all of your teeth are missing, we’ll make you complete dentures.

More Stable Dentures​

If you’re missing teeth, over time your gums and jawbone will change, and your dentures won’t fit as snugly as they used to. Did you know that Dr. Crapo can provide you with alternative solutions to stabilize your existing dentures?

If you’re considering getting dentures, contact Dr. Crapo & Associates and to book a consultation.


A beautiful smile

Kathleen’s story is rather unique. She suffered a stroke in February 2011 and had to concentrate on pressing health concerns, which limited her ability to look after her oral health. When she first came to us, her fears of having all of her teeth pulled were quickly put to rest: we set up a plan that focused on properly caring for and supporting her existing teeth. She made her teeth a priority, and it payed off in the shape of a beautiful smile. All it took was the courage to make her first appointment, which she did on her own.

“I came to Dr. Crapo to see if I could save my teeth, and get my smile back basically. My job requires me to be in front of people, and speaking. So obviously… I was worried about my presentation… [The team has been] very helpful. They take care of you, right from the hygienists to the billing service: dealing with your benefits carrier. I wanted to get my smile back… I think I got my smile back!”

- Kathleen

Financing Options

Dental Consultations

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