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Discover the Joys of Ceramic or Porcelain Tooth Veneers in Victoria

A Permanent Solution

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored layers of porcelain or ceramic that are adhered to your front teeth. We can customize their color and shape to match your natural teeth, or create a new smile.

Although veneers are thin, the bonding technique that your dentist uses to secure them to your teeth ensures that they’ll last many years and won’t fall off. The use of veneers in dentistry has become exceedingly popular since dental veneers have a long lifespan and resist staining.

An Easy Way to Reshape Teeth

A gap between your teeth may have been endearing at a younger age, but it can make you self-conscious when you’re older. Dr. Crapo & Associates use veneers to shorten, lengthen, realign, or widen teeth as well as to hide chips or stains.

Contact Dr. Crapo & Associates to have custom veneers made for your teeth that will keep you smiling well into the future.


Easy appointment scheduling

When Janet first visited our office, she was not yet a patient of ours. Instead, she came in with her husband Gary as he was having a consultation done. She asked us about some of the problems she was experiencing in her jaw, and we booked her for her own consultation shortly after.

“The staff is so great! They’re so friendly. We live in Port Alberni, and it was worth it to us to drive down to Victoria to visit Dr. Crapo because the staff are so professional. The end result… I’m thrilled! I work full time, and they were very good about scheduling it. I get a lot of compliments on my teeth. My bite is just perfect!”

- Jeanette

Financing Options

Dental Consultations

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