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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Victoria

Tooth Whitening, Straightening, and Reshaping in Victoria

Cosmetic dentistry is a field that encompasses all dental procedures, superficial or otherwise, that enhance, improve, or change the appearance of your teeth. The term is a little misleading because some cosmetic dentistry procedures aren’t strictly performed for cosmetic purposes, such as those that correct tooth alignment. In fact, Victoria cosmetic dentistry can have positive health and psychological benefits: when you look good, you feel good, and when your teeth are properly aligned, life becomes much easier.

Rehabilitating Your Bite

How your upper and lower teeth line up can make a big difference to your health. A proper bite allows you to chew food properly, affecting the nutritional value of each meal and contributing to healthy digestion. An improperly aligned bite can wear down your enamel, make your jaw hurt, shift your teeth, and make cleaning your teeth more difficult.

Many people assume that proper tooth alignment is the sole responsibility of an orthodontist. However, modern cosmetic dentists use several procedures to align your bite without submitting you to a full orthodontic regimen. Starting from your very first appointment at Dr. Crapo & Associates, we’ll take note of how your bite is affecting you and your health. We can take digital x-rays or impressions of your teeth and make suggestions on improving your bite.

Endless Possibilities For A Brighter Smile

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the sky’s the limit! Dr. Crapo & Associates can carry out several cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Tooth whitening

In Office

Tooth straightening

Using Invisalign & Braces

Tooth reshaping

using porcelain or resin veneers

Your Smile Counts

Countless surveys have shown that a person’s smile is the first thing that people look at when making that all-important first impression. Are you ever unhappy with your smile? Have you ever considered botox treatments or dental cosmetic surgery to draw attention away from your teeth? Do you hold your lips closed when friends start waving their camera around? Our smile is one of the most important physical manifestations of our personality, but if we’re too concerned about our teeth to smile, it can actually affect us beyond a photo opportunity.

“My smile always had a big gap between the two front teeth, and it made me self-conscious. Even though I hated having my picture taken, I didn’t want my smile to look artificial. Dr. Crapo recommended veneers to close the gap and keep my smile looking natural. Now I get compliments for being born with such a nice smile. It makes me laugh a little bit.”

- A Happy Patient


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Try this quick bite test:

Close your mouth gently and clench your teeth together for a few seconds. (Make sure you don’t have anything between your teeth, like gum.) If you sense any discomfort or localized pressure in an area of your mouth, then your bite is probably unbalanced.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Listen to Dr. Crapo explain what cosmetic dentistry is.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Listen to Dr. Crapo explain what cosmetic dentistry is.


No more grinding

After years of clenching her teeth in her sleep, Dorreen’s teeth began to show signs of wear. When she first came to see Dr. Crapo, he determined that her bite would need extensive rehabilitation.

“I’ve had serious grinding issues since I was young… [I’ve even had] root canals because of the extreme pressure that I’ve put on my teeth, and then cracked roots. After going through a number of procedures… I’m quite confident now, that I won’t have any more breakage.”

- Doreen

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