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Experience the Benefits of Crown Restorations in Victoria

A crown, or cap, is a dental restoration that covers your natural tooth. Crowns are used to strengthen damaged or decayed teeth and to replace large fillings and teeth having undergone a root canal. A crown is usually fitted in two visits: one to prepare and design the crown, and one to bond or cement it to your tooth. At Dr. Crapo & Associates, we use wide range of modern materials to create functional and aesthetic crowns:

  • lithium disilicate

  • zirconium

  • porcelain fused to metal

  • gold (usually used for strong bites that can break porcelain)

  • porcelain

Depending on your situation, Dr. Crapo will recommend materials which are best suited to you.

Call our Victoria dental office today for more information on crown restorations.


No more grinding

After years of clenching her teeth in her sleep, Doreen’s teeth began to show signs of wear. When she first came to see Dr. Crapo, he determined that her bite would need extensive rehabilitation.

“I’ve had serious grinding issues since I was young… [I’ve even had] root canals because of the extreme pressure that I’ve put on my teeth, and then cracked roots. After going through a number of procedures… I’m quite confident now, that I won’t have any more breakage.”

- Doreen

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