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A Decision Gone Bad

Dr. Crapo

Question: Dr. Crapo: About ten years ago I had dentures made and I hated them because the lower wouldn’t stay put and I couldn’t taste like I did before. Because I couldn’t control my bottom plate I asked for implants but I couldn’t afford much, so I had two implants put in to hold my lower. That was much better but then I discovered that the lower would lift from the back so it was like a pump handle going up and down. I didn’t know what to do but had to live with it until I could come up with a better solution. After six or seven years, I decided to take matters into my own hands, so when I was in another country I investigated implant dentures. Even though the prices appear cheaper, I found they wanted US dollars and with the conversion it was the same as back home, so I opted for a bunch of mini implants to convert my upper denture to a palateless type denture and a bunch more mini implants to hold down my lower denture. Well that option was cheaper but boy now that I’m home my gums hurt badly and the teeth don’t want to go down on the implants, plus there’s one implant that really hurts. To top that off the teeth they gave me are so white they look fake. Can I undo this? I feel foolish for my decision. Can I get these implants out and get the bigger ones in? I’m really in a lot of pain.

Answer: Let’s take one thing at a time. When you go on a holiday and have dental work, it is wise to stay long enough to get the bugs worked out so to speak, before returning home. Your pain may be high spots that once relieved can make the teeth quite wearable. Work with your dentist and show him where it hurts so that he can relieve the spot that is exerting too much pressure.

Secondly, your teeth will have to be replaced. This may be an expense you didn’t count on but if you won’t smile because your teeth are too bright, they’ll have to be changed. Two or three appointments may do this job. Sometimes there are fitting challenges when new teeth are placed but it’s doable.


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