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Another Hard Luck Story

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Q: I’m sure that everyone with bad teeth has a hard luck story. Here’s mine. Six years ago, my husband and I bought a house. One month later torrential rains flooded us out. Flooding filled the basement and two inches of water covered the whole main floor. Nothing could be done but we did everything to save that house. We poured money we didn’t have into it but in the end the house was lost. All our savings and mortgage money went down the drain. At first we thought we had insurance but no- insurance doesn’t cover flooding when flooding is categorized as an act of God (torrential rain). Did you know that? Most don’t. Ultimately, we were forced into bankruptcy. Six years later we’re clear of our debt but it’s been a challenging time. Up until our disaster I had good teeth but life happens as they say and some things get left behind – my teeth. My dentist wouldn’t treat me until I cleaned better. I understand self neglect and when it’s myself, looking for someone to blame is pointless. I’m frustrated. I’ve got to get this done – I’m on the verge of losing my teeth and that can’t happen. I don’t have much money to spare but I am a good risk – I’ve proven that to myself and the bank. Is there a way to save my teeth? Is there anything I can do? I’m brushing and flossing but I’ve got decay everywhere and I can feel the snags of my jagged decayed teeth. I know I can’t get them totally clean with those techniques. I really need help. I’ve got a good dental plan that I know won’t cover everything. I just need a plan.

A: Holes in teeth invite food packing and squireling and yes, brushing and flossing can’t get down into those rough and irregular spaces. You need a brushing and blasting technique that can do a better job. The best tool I know for this is WaterPik. No, I don’t get paid for saying this. I have no vested interest in this company but two things revolutionized this gadget from its early predecessor. First, an OFF/ON control switch on the handle so water doesn’t start squirting all over the bathroom as soon as you start the unit up. Secondly, small brush heads designed to loosen plaque and debris is then water blasted away. Thirdly, application of the brush head tightly along the gum line and between the teeth gets 90% of the job done. Use lots of room temperature water. The decay will slow in its progress and your gums will feel like never before. Allow about 4-7 days for all bleeding to stop as your gums resolve from disease. Finally, your dentist can do what’s called decay control thus stopping decay so in the future you can have the reconstruction of your teeth done.

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Based on actual patient cases

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