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Four Hours – That’s All!

Dr. Crapo

Q: I’ve had a very enjoyable and intense business life. I’ve had forty years of challenge, growth, and fulfilment. In those years we’ve raised a family and were close to those in our community and schools as our kids went through their years of education.

During that time, I thought little of myself and health care. There just wasn’t time. When my teeth needed attention, I did what was recommended, giving it little thought.

At this point, I have a number of missing teeth in my upper and a front bridge that has decay so it’s becoming loose. That given, I must do something but what, I don’t know. The bridge has bad anchor teeth, two on one side and one on the other with three replacement teeth. (It’s a three-tooth span fixed bridge with two teeth on one side and one on the other.)

It’s my front teeth so what I need is a replacement that can be done in such a way that when the bridge comes off it can be either fit back in or something fitted to replace it. I don’t have but two good back teeth, one on each side, so my chewing is limited.

I was told I could get a denture, but I’d have to have the teeth all pulled, then wait for three months before it’s put in. First, I don’t want a denture and who waits for three months with no teeth? I need something better and faster, preferably something same day. Thanks.

A: Yours is an interesting situation. It is probable that lifestyle has kept you away from the dental hygienist on a regular basis. I say this because losing teeth to decay does not have to happen to almost anyone anymore. Frequent dental check-ups make dental decay a thing of the past in a best-case scenario and small fillings and prevention of decay as a worst-case scenario.

Why bring this up – because there is a very good solution to your dilemma with a small caveat I’ll mention later. Your decayed teeth and failing bridge can be removed and new teeth installed on implants in about four hours while you are in a restful twilight “sleep”.

The treatment called “teeth in a day” has a twenty-year plus track record (twelve in our office) and a success rate that is extremely high. It is an excellent solution that allows normal eating, speaking, and smiling immediately.

Now the caveat, if you decide to undergo this “teeth in a day” treatment, think of adding regular visits to the hygienist because, while implants won’t decay, the gum health around the implants teeth will benefit greatly, to say nothing of the benefit to your lower natural teeth.

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Based on actual patient cases

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