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I Want It My Way

Dr. Crapo

Q: I’m not a dumb guy. I have many skills in many fields. That’s a good thing and a bad. Good because I see things that, in my field of expertise, could be done better and I know they should be done better. Bad because sometimes I over analyse things and put things off that need doing because I want things done in a certain way and can’t find someone to do it “my way”. I’ve had bad luck with teeth and dentists doing things wrong. What has happened is that so much was done incorrectly and then broke. When I go to dental offices to get it done right, I end up fighting with the dentist about what should be done. I obviously can’t do the dentistry on myself, but I know what I want. I’ve got two broken teeth in the upper front of my mouth. I’m not a vain person but one of these is a front tooth and I want an implant and a crown put in there. I’ve seen several dentists and I can’t get any of them to see it my way. The last one was very thorough. He even had the whole front of my mouth mocked up to what he said should be done. I listened to his spiel and tried to make him see that though I respected his opinions, I wanted what I wanted. He just wasn’t listening. I thought the customer – in this case patient – was always right. I just want someone to listen and do it my way.

A: I’m certain you will find someone to do just that. I hope it works for you. As a word of caution, there is a reason, and there is always a reason, why a tooth or teeth break. It sometimes appears obvious why the breaks occurred but there are many first, secondary, and tertiary reasons for those kinds of problems. Dentists who aren’t a bit concerned about “just fixing” a broken tooth may rue the day because doing the obvious puts the tooth back in the same circumstances that it was in before it broke the first time. You’ve seen many offices. If one has mocked up your mouth and given you a thorough treatment plan, odds are that office is a good bet. If the doctor has shown you the rationale and analyzed why you’re in the state you’re in, chances are very good you’ll get the service you would get if you were doing your best job in your chosen field. Think of the confidence you have in your work. Now superimpose that same feeling and understanding on that dentist. You’re in good hands, take the plunge – trust someone to care for you as you would care for him.

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