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I Want to Feel Good About My Dental Plan

Dr. Crapo

Q: My mouth is a sight. I’ve seen a couple of dentists and I’ve tried to get information on the internet. With what I’ve learned, I’m still confused. I’ve been told a lot of things about the breakdown of my teeth and about my bite, but I can’t get enough information that makes me confident that I should take one plan over another. I’ve had experience with fillings and root canals and years ago I got veneers that looked good initially but don’t now. Two of the teeth in the front had root canals and now are broken off at the gum level. After the last visit, the dentist gave me a good plan, at least I think it is, but I’ve let four months go by stewing about what to do and trying to look up everything he said. As I did that, I couldn’t connect all the actual work or results or if it would last. I’ve talked to trusted friends who said they had a bunch of bad teeth and finally just decided to have them out and get a denture and they said they’re happy – no more problems. I’ve been so worried that if I get my teeth fixed they won’t last and I’ll have spent a ton of money. I guess I’m looking for a guarantee. So, I went back to the last dentist who did a great job of explaining. When I told him my concerns, he listened and focused on several of the things I was hung up on. He cleared them up so I guess I can go forward but I’ve been so worked up that I’m still left with emotion over reason. I want to feel good about what I’m doing.

A: Complex problems in any field requires comprehensive data gathering, analysis, evaluation, and understanding on the part of the receiver and performer of the care. If good and thorough data gathering has been performed and a clear presentation is made, that is a good start. Complex dental care for the “lay” person can be confusing so going back to clarify your treatment plan is important. Removing all your teeth when actually most are in good condition with good gum and bone support is not done but under extreme and extenuating conditions. If you can see your way to the complex care, the potential outcomes are nothing short of miraculous. Planning and execution of that plan should keep function, balance, and coordination with one’s chewing and swallowing muscles, as well as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) foremost in mind. The beautiful, strong, and long-lasting materials available for reconstructing one’s teeth today make the end result worth it. Get clear, then proceed – you’ll be happy and healthier for it.

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