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I’m Out of Crunchers, Doc

Dr. Crapo

Q: I was born and raised on a ranch. Horses and cattle with enough farming to raise feed for the animals. My father and grandfather died with their boots on working in the field. It’s true that we’re pretty independent. We do about everything we can to avoid downtime and that includes seeing the docs of all kinds.

We get most of our advice from the vet that takes care of our horses and cattle so it shouldn’t surprise you that when I lost all but my front teeth and my back crunchers that I was ok with that. Heck, a horse has front teeth then a large gap before his crunchers, so I thought, good enough for Ol’ Paint, good enough for me.

Well, I’ve outlived my dad and granddad and I’ve outlived my back crunchers as well. I’ve got my six front guys so when I tuck into a steak, I miss being able to throw the chunks back there and chomping them down. Plus, it takes me longer to eat.

The kicker yesterday was that some pieces broke off a couple front teeth. I knew they were getting thin but if I lose them – well, let’s give that no mind.

That all being said, what can be done? My wife has had all her teeth capped but she’s supposed to look good. I just want to keep what I’ve got and get some good crunchers in the back so I can enjoy some good old-fashioned grub. Can we put a couple of big guys in the back – you know, those implants – teeth I mean?

A: Molar teeth, or crunchers as you refer to them, can be put in place if your bone level and bone volume is adequate. Implants are not the teeth themselves. Implants are titanium screws that are fitted in adequate bone.

After three months the bone integrates or hardens around these titanium screws that act as roots for the connecting post that links and secures the implant to the crown or, in your terminology, to your crunchers.

When there is not enough bone in the back, we are forced to graft it in. After a number of months, there is enough bone for the implants to support your back teeth. This will allow you to function as you have when your ‘crunchers’ were in place.

Another option has been developed in the past twenty years that allows implants to replace your front teeth and give you ‘crunchers’ at the same time without grafting any bone. This procedure providesteeth the very day your own teeth are replaced. If you live countryside, it’s worth the trip to see someone who offers all these different options.

One way or another, your crunchers can be replaced.

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Based on actual patient cases

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