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Second Chances Can Be Miraculous

Q: When I was a kid, we moved around a lot – and I mean a lot – and always in the hinterlands.

There were no medical or dental services close. We were a big family and when we kids got toothaches, we were lucky if mom or dad was going to town that was hours away so we could see a dentist and get the tooth pulled.

My parents just didn’t have money for our teeth so baby teeth would start to ache, then gums would swell, then a piece of tooth break off and then miraculously, after a couple of days, the swelling would break and then the pain was gone. When that was over, we’d have what seemed like a spike of tooth left, which we’d try to wiggle out with our tongue but only came out right before the adult tooth came in.

It seemed like our adult teeth were soft, too, because we got cavities almost as fast as they came in. Finally, we got to a place where there was a dentist and we got fillings - only if the dentist thought the tooth could be saved and didn’t have too much decay, otherwise, out it came.

I got by to my adult life with most of my teeth but they’ve been filled and patched over and over. I’ve had root canals and broken teeth and even though I have most of them, I just can’t see how they’ll last no matter what I do. I’m almost at retirement age and have got to do something. Because decay is such a big deal for me and my siblings, I don’t think I want more root canals and crowns. Besides, I’ve got gums receding and bone missing. What about implants? I don’t know if I can do them, but they won’t decay - will they last?

A: During the lifetime of those who are seniors, many have experienced rampant decay as children, teenagers, and young adults and are left with compromised dentitions. Before giving up on your teeth, it would be wise to have a very thorough exam and see what kind of reconstruction (tooth replacement) is best.

Several options can then be given and you can evaluate what is best for you. It might surprise you what good dental care can do in providing exceptional function and aesthetics.

The most miraculous transformation, when teeth are not salvageable, is having implants placed and a bridge that reconstructs your bite and smile installed in one appointment.

This is a twenty plus year procedure with huge worldwide success. In our eleven years of offering this experience, it has been a great blessing to dozens upon dozens of individuals suffering as you have.

So, get a good, thorough exam and diagnosis, then treatment plans that fit your situation, then choose.

If we can help, we’d like to. Call 778-410-2080 for a consultation.

Based on actual patient cases

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