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The “New Man” Theory

Dr. Crapo

Q: Dr. Crapo: I’m seventy-two years old and thank goodness, I’ve had great health all my life. I feel much younger than my age. I have no health issues at all, but for the last six months I’ve noticed my teeth (I have just a few missing) are loose.

I saw a dentist in a mall and he said I have gum disease and that I’d start to lose my teeth over the next few months, perhaps a couple of years.

He also said that the disease could get into my blood stream and cause problems with my heart, lungs, kidneys etc.

He said the best solution was dentures, with maybe some implants on the lower so I would be able to eat. He said it would get rid of the gum disease and I’d feel more healthy.

After listening I was depressed, then upset. It seemed like he was giving up for me. The picture seems dismal. I might have bad teeth but I’m not “out of the race” and I’m not thinking of giving up the ghost anytime soon. I want solutions! Whatta you got?

A: I like your spirit! First of all, your dentist was right about the gum disease affecting your whole body so taking action is important. In your case quantity and quality of bone is very important. The last time I saw someone like you push hard for a great dental solution, I was able to place 10 implants in his lower jaw at the time of extraction of his gum infected teeth. In the upper jaw bone grafts were placed and six months later 12 implants were inserted. The final result – a brand new set of teeth with their own roots – all be it titanium roots. This is by far the best solution and by far the most expensive. If you want to look like Paul Newman this is for you. If the quality of your bone is good enough you could go from where you are now to “Paul” in as little as six weeks.

The most popular, “instant teeth” solution can be accomplished in one day – a long day but one day none the less. This is also an expensive solution but a third of the “Paul Newman” option.

Both solutions are stable, strong and very secure. There is essentially no adjustment time (getting used to your new teeth). Option one and two look like natural teeth that are straight and beautiful. Both are hygienic and easy to keep clean and there will be no decay. Both options make you look like Paul Newman, but the first option makes you feel like Paul himself.

If we can help, we’d like to.

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Based on actual patient cases

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