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Time To Say Goodbye

Dr. Crapo


Dear Dr. Crapo: In the past eighteen months, I’ve had six upper teeth fall out. Some of them broke and left a spike sticking up and a big hole where the tooth or filling came out and some of them just broke completely off at my gums leaving a big dark space in my smile. I’ve also noticed my bite shifting so my lower front teeth are now biting into my gums behind my upper front teeth. My dentist has been cleaning the teeth and the roots and he thinks things are stable. He said I could get bridge work because the teeth are strong enough. I don’t know – I’m a bit gun shy to say the least. I’ve got about eight upper teeth that are strategically located that bridges could be made, and I have a whole new set of teeth that don’t come out. On the bottom I’ve lost three teeth and have a big gap on my lower left. My lower front teeth seem so long. My dentist said it was my deep overbite and my teeth moving because of a changing bite and some gum disease. I’ve been thinking about implants and how that would work. I have ten teeth on the bottom, but some have lost a lot of gum and bone. My thought was to get something done to the top. I was hoping to hang onto the bottoms and have something made for the top because they show. I think it’s time to say goodbye to a losing cause, but to what and how?


In 1975 or even ‘85, perhaps even ‘95, one would have said build the permanent bridges and make sure you saw your dentist and hygienist every three months. Classic reconstruction of crowning and bridging can work quite nicely. As we age the need to involve ourselves in extra dental care is necessary in reconstruction of teeth. It still can work beautifully.

When there are health issues that are not life threatening, but that require medication, invariably our salivary output is compromised and we experience dry mouth. This leads to a higher incidence of decay. You don’t want to put out a lot of money only to lose it to decay. If you’re ready to say goodbye to a losing cause, you may find that reconstruction with implants will provide the appearance you’re looking for. They bring peace of mind because they won’t decay. They will also correct the bad overbite. You can have this done quite comfortably in a day or two. Teeth-in-a-day is a reality and the fastest growing way for mature adults to have the appearance, function and comfort they’re looking for.

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