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Was I Right?!

Dr. Crapo


Dear Dr. Crapo: My husband is obstinate! He has a partial denture that is hooked to two teeth. These teeth are loose so several months ago we saw a dentist. He said my husband needed a new denture and these last two teeth taken out. My husband does a lot of research, so he asked why the dentist didn’t talk about implants. So we saw another dentist who talked to us about implants. He said there were several options and he could refer us to someone who could put the implants in and then he would make the new denture. How long before I get my new teeth was my husband’s question. Four to six months came the answer. He told us we could either have two implants or four. The option with two was about one half as expensive as with four. My husband was in with the dentist by himself and when he came out he said I’m going to think about it. He’s 91 years old, money is not a problem and his complaining is getting to me. I love him and I want him back to his wonderful non-complaining-over-his-teeth self. I said “let’s try one more time – you told me someone can give you teeth right away”. This last time, our son went with him and got a quote for teeth that stay in permanently and can be done in one day. I thought good it’s settled. My son said the dentist who would do this said he would heal faster and he could eat like the teeth were his own. I liked that. You can imagine my surprise when my husband decided on the less expensive quote where he had to heal and have a loose denture. So we went back and I listened with my husband to the dentist kindly going over the presentation again. Why did you choose the cheaper option I asked, in front of the dentist and my son who was also with us. Because of price my son said. Fiddlesticks – you’re going to have the one that is fixed in one day – I want you back healthy and happy you silly old man! Was I right? I was so frustrated!


That must have been a very interesting conversation. I can only give you my experience. Teeth that are fixed in place on the day of surgery are far superior in healing, function and appearance.

When I say that I’m speaking of at least four implants placed in a prescribed way so that they can support a bridge of ten to twelve teeth. Within two weeks the gums have healed around the bridged implants and the person is comfortably eating soft to medium-soft foods. At three months he’s eating everything. With the other option he’d still be fumbling with his loose denture.

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