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I’m a Bad Boy

Dr. Crapo

Q: When it comes to teeth, I’m a bad boy. I think it stems from the fact that I have a tremendous gag reflex. I mean, when a dentist gets his mirror or other tools past my front teeth, I lose my lunch. Really, I can’t have anybody put something in my mouth. Funny thing, it doesn’t affect my eating but if I start getting into my mouth with a toothbrush and touch my tongue, look out baby, I can heave lunch farther than an Olympian can put the shot. You can see where I’m going with this – I’m not a rigorous teeth brusher and flosser so it’s not surprising that decay has followed me around like a pick pocket in Paris. The problem is that I don’t like going to the dentist because it’s always bad news. Having said that, I’m being a bit disingenuous because thirty years ago I found a dentist that could put me to sleep and do any dentistry; it’s always a big bill. I’ve had it all: root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, you name it. And now the confession – I haven’t seen the dentist for a number of years and about three weeks ago I was eating and busted a big bridge on the lower right side. It had held up for about twenty-five years so for me, that’s good – but what to do now? The bridge was hooked to my lower wisdom tooth and then went clear up to my eye tooth where it was secured by two teeth there. Well, it broke to the gum line because of decay. Even though I don’t have pain, I’ve got nothing to chew on. And I’ve got a bridge just like it on the other side. I can chew alright but the right side feels like a big hole. I saw the dentist and he said the wisdom tooth and one of the front retaining teeth had to come out. What’s the best solution? The doc said my bone wasn’t good between the wisdom and the front retaining teeth. Last thing, I’m cheap.

A: Your choices are really only two, given that anything foreign in your mouth nauseates you. You can fix the right side to a certain extent by using a front tooth or two and the eye tooth as anchors. The bicuspid behind the eye tooth can be removed and an implant placed. Once it has healed, a bridge can be placed to give you function. The bridge will be shorter but functional. The second solution is to have your lower teeth out, place implants, and have teeth placed the very same day. In the end, decay is no longer a problem. This will give you superb chewing ability. As far as cheap goes, it usually amounts to putting some of your disposable funds into yourself. Keep yourself healthy – first rule of life.

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